The festival will take place over a three day period in three different locations in the island of Tinos.
The participants will recite exerpts of their work, while the events will be accompanied by jazz and traditional folk music.

More specifically:

Thursday, 26th July

Ī¤inos Cultural Foundation

Iana Bukova (Bulgaria)
Constantinos Ioannidis (Greece)
Lena Kallergi (Greece)
Anthi Maroniti (Greece)
Alexis Panselinos (Greece)
Noel Rene Sisneros (Mexico

Friday, 28th July

Tripotamos, Tinos

Konstantinos Bouras (Greece)
Lucy Dervis (Greece)
Tua Forsstrom (Finland)
Julia Ganassou (Greece)
Sigrid Heath (USA)
Lily Michailidis (Cyprus)

Saturday, 29th July

Marble Museum, Pyrgos

Rhea Galanaki (Greece)
Kostas Hadjiantoniou (Greece)
Anna Petropoulou (Greece)
Thomas Tsalapatis (Greece)
Jakob Vedelsby (Denmark)
Luan Xhuli (Albania)